Welcome to the Railroad Modelling Page

Structure Kits

MLE plans to offer the railroad modeling hobbyist with many structure kits in O, S and HO scale.  Kits in other scales may be made available at special request. Please contact us with other ideas for structures you would like us to make.  It is our intention to eventually provide models of U.S. prototypes as well.  Please click this link Structure Catalogue to see our available and planned product releases.

Detail Kits & Parts 

MLE is now offering a line of detail kits and parts for modellers that want to superdetail our kits. The scratchbuilder will now have access to Canadian Railway specific details such as; windows, doors, chimneys and such. Other details include scale shingles. Please click on this link Detail Catalogue to see our available and planned product releases.

Narrow Gauge Kits

Since our interest is narrow gauge modeling, we are making rolling stock kits.  Our plan is to offer On30 (On3), Sn3 and HOn3 kits based on prototype equipment.  We will offer some unique equipment as well as typical car types.  Please click this link Rolling Stock Catalogue to see our available and planned product releases.

Kit Change Announcement

MLE is making a change to our structure kits. Interior details such as; additional walls, stairs, doors, furniture and other interior details will not be included in the basic kit. The kits will still have all the great exterior detail that we are known for. Interior kits will be available as an add-on kit specific to each structure. We will continue to add interior details to these kits for those that want a highly detailed interior.

New Service - Custom Kit Building

Don't have time to build one of our kits? Concerned with the complexity of construction? Although we recommend you attempt to build our kits yourselves, MLE is now offering a custom kit building service. We have had many requests for us to build our kits for our customers. Prices will vary depending upon the difficulty of the kit. Generally, the cost will be 5 times the kit price (includes the cost of the kit). Interior lighting can be installed at an additional charge.